Meet the Team


Nora Erspamer

Nora is from Chicago and moved to Colorado January of 2019. She ran cross country and track for North Central College. Post-collegiately, she has been focusing on extending her range to the half and full marathon. She is in marketing for a data analytics company. She is coached by Phil Buckley and is part of the Highlands Ranch Running Club. She is a founder of DMR. She loves running at Waterton Canyon and with her pup, Koda.

1500: 4:32

Half Marathon: 1:19

Marathon: 2:56

Maggie Lapinski

Maggie ran Track and Cross Country for North Central College. She recently started running again competitively. She is the two-time International Pancake Queen. Her favorite place to run is at Waterton Canyon or through your mind. She is a third grade teacher in Lakewood.

Half Marathon: 1:27

Katherine Ward

Katherine ran cross country and track in the 5K and 10K at the USAF Academy for four years. She has served in the Air Force for 8.5 years, including a stint in the World Class Athlete Program where she trained for the Olympic Trials in the half marathon. She has since bumped up to the marathon distance. She is coached by Juli Benson. When she is not running, she is living it up in her tiny house on wheels (306 sq feet)!

5k: 16:57
10K: 35:29
Half Marathon: 1:16:30

Marathon: 2:57

Aubrey Armento

Aubrey first started running marathons for fun with a run club in college at the University of North Carolina. When she moved to Colorado, she decided she wanted to start training for the marathon more seriously, which she has been working at over the last few years. She is coached by Addie Bracy with Peak Training. Her favorite place to run is at Doudy Draw in Boulder, CO. Aubrey works as a sports medicine physician at the University of Colorado with a special interest in running medicine. 

Marathon: 2:50

Katie Knight

Janna Mitsos

Janna is from Chicago. She ran in college at the University of New Mexico. Post-collegiately, she studied to become a dentist, and took a couple of years off from running. Since then she was running competitively in ABQ, and is now living in Denver. She is working on hitting new PRs from the 10K through the marathon distance. She is coached by Dr. Jason Karp.

5K: 16:28
10K: 35:49
10 Mile: 1:00:54

Half Marathon: 1:19:45

Katie is originally from the state of Washington. She ran track and cross country for the University of Washington before moving to Colorado for grad school at Colorado State. She decided to make Colorado her new home and now works as a water resource engineer in Denver.

In college, Katie focused on the 5k and 10k, but after taking some time away from the sport she is excited to diversify her running to include longer distances and trail races.

Katie also loves rock climbing, skiing, climbing mountains, and napping with her cat. 

10K: 33:20


Stephanie Wilson

Stephanie started running in 7th grade in Minnesota to keep up with her big sister. She went on to compete for Stonehill College in Easton, MA.


Post-collegiately, she trained for 7 years in Boston while going back to school to become a dietitian and to get her Masters of Science in Nutrition & Public Health. She is coached by Kate Tenforde of Beantown running.


Stephanie now lives in Arvada and works as a dietitian, specializing in eating disorders. She hopes to pursue shorter distances after the 2020 U.S. Marathon Olympic trials.

5K: 17:07
5 Mile: 28:22
Half Marathon: 1:18:30
Marathon: 2:44

Jenn Masamitsu

Jenn first started running in high school when her basketball coach suggested she explore her potential to run fast and encouraged her to join the track team.  Jenn then ran at the collegiate level for a year at the University of Colorado, Boulder, before continuing on to explore her passion for racing through competing in triathlons. After college, Jenn rekindled her love of running, first through the half marathon distance, and later by racing full marathons - which she has done consistently since 2012.


Jenn has a diverse professional background. She currently works for a healthcare technology company. She is also a Doctor of Physical Therapy and has worked with athletes and runners over the last 10 years. Jenn is currently coached by Ryan Bolton through Bolton Endurance Sports Training and has recently started coaching marathon runners herself.


Jenn loves racing on the roads but never passes up a chance to go play on the trails of Crested Butte.

Half Marathon:1:17

Marathon: 2:43

Kari-Anne Samuelson

Kari-Anne is a Colorado native who accidentally became a runner. While her life always involved running, it was usually with a ball at her feet. Kari-Anne wound up on her first cross team during her freshmen year of college and ultimately ran cross and track for the duration of her college career.

Post college, running remained a constant in her life. It was both a relief from work-related stress and a way to compete. While she once swore against involvement in an arbitrary distance called "the marathon", it has since become one of her more favorite distances to race.

Kari-Anne works as a director of financial reporting for a large international cable company. She is a wife, a stepmother to two teenage girls, and a mother to a two-year old daughter who loves to trail run.


10K: 36:59

Half Marathon:1:20

Marathon: 2:52


Megan Wenham

Megan ran cross country and track for four years at Colorado School of Mines after a brief stint in high school as a high jumper. She graduated from Mines in 2019
with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and works at an engineering consulting company called Burns and McDonnell.

Since graduating college, she has been working on extending her race distance to the half and marathon range, although she will always have a soft spot for the 3,000m steeple.

When Megan is not running she enjoys reading, knitting, sewing, and spending time with family.

3K Steeple: 10:29
6K XC: 21:35

Kari started running at the age of 8. Ever since, running has been a constant in her life. While logging pre-dawn miles and weekend long runs, she's made her closest friendships and met her husband.

Her favorite race distances are the 10 mile and marathon, and her favorite place to run is along the River Road in the Twin Cities. Now that she's a Coloradoan, she's trying to embrace trail running!


Kari moved to Denver in 2020 from Minneapolis, MN. She's an assistant professor at University of Colorado Denver. When she's not working or running, you can find her exploring new hiking trails, breweries, playgrounds with her husband and daughter or sneaking away to read a book.


Marathon: 2:51
Half Marathon: 1:21
5K: 17:51

Melissa McKinley

Melissa ran for the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. She loves to also climb, cook, adventure with her dachshund Abby and travel the world! She works for Ball Aerospace. Her favorite place to run is anywhere in the mountains! She is part of the Highlands Ranch Running Club and has been coached by Phil since 2011.



Half Marathon 1:28

Mile: 5:15

Kari Campeau

Lauren Bruns

Following a brief stint as a middle school cheerleader, Lauren began running in high school at the suggestion of the cheerleading coach (the rhythm and coordination of cheer wasn't a strong skill set). She’s been running ever since and completed her first marathon in 2010. After finishing pediatrics residency in 2017, she’s been able to refocus on running more competitively and is excited to train with a group of talented women. 

Lauren lives in Denver with her husband and her pupper, Lucy. She works as a newborn hospitalist at Denver Health and UCH at Anschutz.

When she has a chance to get out of town, Crested Butte is her home away from home and her very favorite place to train and play. She’s currently working to break 3 hours in the marathon but is perhaps most proud of her win at the Mount Trashmore 5k in Cedar Rapids, Iowa last year, crowing her the 2019 Trash Queen. 

Marathon: 3:04

Sam Mayden

Sam is originally from Nashville, TN and has been running since she was in 3rd grade. She went to Muhlenberg College, where she competed on the Cross-Country and Track and Field team.

She has really enjoyed the shorter races, but is looking forward to focusing more on the half marathon and marathon distance.

Sam has been a teacher for the past seven years but is currently applying to social work graduate programs.  In her spare time (when not running) she loves to hike, backpack, read, bake, and spend time with her puppy.  

800: 2:15

1500: 4:34

3000: 9:57

5000: 16:47

Emily Van Meter

Emily is a Colorado Native and has been running since she can remember. She is a Speech Language Pathologist currently working in acute care and inpatient rehab at Penrose/St. Francis Medical Center in Colorado Springs.

Emily did not run collegiality and began running more competitively during grad school at Arizona State University (Go Sun Devils!) and quickly took time off since her marathon PR.

Since then she has raced several marathons and half marathons. While her main focus is the marathon, she has started racing other distances for a change in pace. She is coached by Kenneth Foster.

Half Marathon: 1:19

Marathon: 2:56

Bethany Chang

Marie Peterson

Kelly Brown

Bethany is a master’s runner, mom of two fun kiddos and works for a real estate investment firm.

Originally from New Jersey, Bethany started running in high school and then ran cross country and track at Dartmouth College where her team finished fourth in NCAA Division 1 Nationals.


Bethany has lived in New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, Denver, Dallas and Denver (again and for good!). Bethany’s favorite distance is the half marathon, however, she is considering trying her first marathon. Bethany is coached by Phil Buckley.  In addition to running, she also likes to do strength training, boxing, cycling and skiing.  

Half Marathon: 1:20


Carrie Assell

Carrie is a Master's Runner, Wife and Mom of 3. She was a walk-on at University of Illinois-Champaign and a member of Impala Racing Team in San Francisco for 10 years. She is coached by Olympian Jenny Spangler. She is USATF Level One coaching certified and coached High School Track and XC in Illinois.

She is currently a stay at home Mom and real estate investor. She has lived in three states and favorite runs include those with a great view- Lakeshore path in Chicago, Mt. Diablo in San Francisco, trail running in Vail. 

Carrie is excited for a new challenge of moving into the 50K ultra scene after many years of Marathoning.


5k: 17:04

Half Marathon:1:24

Marathon: 2:56

50K: 4:58

Marie moved to Colorado in 2019. She has been running since high school and enjoys racing the 5k through the marathon distance. Her favorite places to run include Cherry Creek, the Santa Fe Trail, Forest Park in Oregon, and the many country roads of Wisconsin where she grew up.

When not running she enjoys hiking, biking, and backpacking. She works as an orthopedic physician assistant in Colorado Springs. She is coached by Phil Buckley.


8k: 29:54

Half Marathon: 1:25

Marathon: 2:59

Ashley Birger Luna

Ashley's passion for running started at a very young age, racing around her grandparent's home.  She ran in high school after brief aspirations of playing soccer and went on to compete in the steeplechase at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Post-collegiately, she ran for the Boulder Running Company Retail Race team for 7 years.  


Her passion is on the track, now focusing on 5k but will occasionally jump in a mile race as well.  


She is coached by her husband, who can be found running by her side, pulling their 2 year old son in the KidRunner. She has worked as a Physician Assistant in Family Practice for the past 9 years. 

Half Marathon: 1:22:26
10K: 36:58

Kelly first started running in college to help deal with the stress of nursing school and promptly fell in love with the sport after completing a half marathon.


Since then, she has run a few marathons, several 50ks, and two 50 mile trail races. To stay passionate about running and injury free, she utilizes a mixture of road and trail running throughout her training. While ultra-marathons are a big challenge, Kelly has shifted her focus to running fast on the roads and desires to train more seriously with the the team.


She currently works as a pediatric nurse and is rarely seen running without her furry training partner, Roo.


Marathon: 3:12

Half Marathon: 1:29

Taylor Baird

Taylor is a Colorado native who ran for Colorado School of Mines. She now works as a water treatment engineer in Denver. Since college she has primarily run half marathons and is working on moving up to the full marathon.

When not running, she loves to hike with her dog and bake.

She is coached by Neely Gracey and Katie Spratford.

Half Marathon: 1:27

Melinda Redenius

As a native from Boulder Colorado with a love for the outdoors, running may have been her destiny. Even though Melinda started her running journey later on in life on a dare, she has made up for lost time by running 15 full marathons, countless half marathons, 10K and 5K races across the country since 2012 - including a burro race!

Running is her therapy and fountain of youth. With Denver Metro Racing, she believes she has found a group of focused athletes that she can develop and grow with - both individually and as a team. 

When Melinda is not running, she is managing a Colorado based digital forensics company, traveling as much as she can get away with, diving at the wet places along the way.