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Meet the Team: Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Aubrey New.png

Nora Erspamer

Nora is from Chicago and moved to Colorado January of 2019. She ran cross country and track for North Central College. Post-collegiately, she has been focusing on extending her range to the half and full marathon. She is in marketing for an IT company. She is coached by Phillip Buckley and is a founder of DMR. She loves running at Waterton Canyon and with her pup, Koda. She has a little girl, Tessa Grace.

1500: 4:32

Half Marathon: 1:19

Marathon: 2:52

Anna Leer

Anna is from Indianapolis and played volleyball in college at Elon University.
She ran her first marathon in 2010, and has been hooked ever since. 

Anna is a nonprofit executive for Young Americans Center for Financial Education, teaching entrepreneurship and financial literacy to youth. In her free time she loves being in the kitchen, playing the piano, and spending time outdoors with her husband and dog. Anna is coached
by Jon Sinclair of Anaerobic Management.

Marathon: 2:51
Half Marathon: 1:20
5K: 17:59

Aubrey Armento

Aubrey first started running marathons for fun with a run club in college at the University of North Carolina. When she moved to Colorado, she decided she wanted to start training for the marathon more seriously, which she has been working at over the last few years. She is coached by Phillip Buckley. Her favorite place to run is at Doudy Draw in Boulder, CO. Aubrey works as a sports medicine physician at the University of Colorado with a special interest in running medicine. 

Marathon: 2:48

Anna Leer


Melissa McKinley

Anna Ryden

Melissa ran for the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. She loves to also climb, cook, adventure with her dachshund Abby and travel the world! She works for Ball Aerospace. Her favorite place to run is anywhere in the mountains! She has been coached by Phillip Buckley since 2011.



Half Marathon 1:25

Mile: 5:09

Sam Farmer.jpg

Samantha Farmer

Anna is originally from Minneapolis, MN and moved to Denver in the Fall of 2019. She ran cross country and track at Luther College in Decorah, IA.  

Since moving to Denver, Anna has started to focus more on getting back into competitive running. She is coached by Phillip Buckley. When she’s not training, Anna loves to snuggle with her dogs and go hiking with her friends! 

5K: 17:45
10K: 40:43

Half: 1:27


Megan Wenham

Kelly Brown

Gabby Glime

Daisy grew up in Chicago and moved to Colorado in 2020. She ran Track and Field at Purdue and specialized in the 800M throughout her collegiate career. She began to pursue triathlon soon after graduating and now focuses on the 70.3 Ironman distance. She is focused on improving her half marathon time and 10K time! She works in Admissions for an Art and Design School in Denver.

Marathon: 3:05
Half: 1:22
10K: 36:45
5k: 17:45
800m: 2:13

Daisy Brey

Kelly has run a few marathons, several 50ks, and two 50 mile trail races. To stay passionate about running and injury free, she utilizes a mixture of road and trail running throughout her training. While ultra-marathons are a big challenge, Kelly has shifted her focus to running fast on the roads and desires to train more seriously with the the team.


She currently works as a pediatric nurse and is rarely seen running without her furry training partner, Roo.


Marathon: 2:57

Half Marathon: 1:24

Megan ran cross country and track at Colorado School of Mines after a brief stint in high school as a high jumper. She graduated from Mines in 2019
with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and works at an engineering consulting company called Burns and McDonnell.

Since graduating college, she has been working on extending her race distance to the half and marathon range. When  not running, she enjoys reading, knitting, sewing, and spending time with family. She is coached by Phillip Buckley.


Half Marathon: 1:20

Marathon: 2:52

Gabby was born in Oklahoma. Though she briefly experimented with a running club at a young age, it wasn’t until high school that she truly began running, starting as a sprinter before realizing that distance was more her speed. She continued to run throughout college with a local group in Boulder and has many favorite runs throughout the Front Range.

Gabby is coached by Phillip Buckley. When not running, Gabby likes to read, climb, hike, and spend time with her dog Cora and cat Who.

Half marathon: 1:19
10 mile: 1:00
10k: 38:45
5k: 18:30


Amy Armstrong

Sam grew up in Columbia, Missouri and ran cross country and track at the University of Missouri. She specialized in the steeplechase in college and has now turned her focus to the marathon. Sam works as a medical device specialist at Abbott Laboratories and is an avid hiker, golfer, and skier. She is coached by Phillip Buckley.

10k: 38:44
Half: 1:22
Full: 2:47

Amy grew up in Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada. She ran track for Université de Moncton and qualified for nationals in the 300m and 600m. In 2022, she became the National Record Holder for Canada in the Masters road mile.

After moving to Colorado, she has completed 8 marathons. As a masters runner, Amy is now focusing on shorter distances, including the mile and track. Amy works as a Public Health Dietitian and is coached by Phillip Buckley

Marathon: 3:06
Half: 1:23
10k: 38:06
5k: 18:49

Mile: 5:12

Katherine Ward

Katherine ran cross country and track in the 5K and 10K at the USAF Academy for four years. She has served in the Air Force for 8.5 years now, to include a stint in the World Class Athlete Program where she trained for the Olympic trials in the half marathon distance. She has since bumped up to the marathon distance! When she is not running, she is living it up in her tiny house on wheels (306 sq feet)!

5K: 16:57

10K: 35:29

Half Marathon:1:16

Marathon: 2:57

Carrie Harmon_edited.jpg

Carrie Harmon

Carrie grew up outside of Philadelphia and ran Track & Field at Lafayette College where she focused on middle distance events. After graduating she moved to Flagstaff, AZ to start a job as an engineer for a medical device company. It was there that she started to fall in love with running longer distances! Since moving to Denver she has continued to focus on the half marathon but hopes to move up to the marathon one day too! Outside of running she loves paddle boarding, hiking, and playing board games. She is coached by Phillip Buckley.


1500M: 4:32

10K: 38:34

Half Marathon: 1:25


Carrie Assell

Carrie is a Master's Runner, Wife and Mom of 3. She was a walk-on at University of Illinois-Champaign and a member of Impala Racing Team in San Francisco for 10 years. She is coached by Olympian Jenny Spangler. She is USATF Level One coaching certified and coached High School Track and XC in Illinois.

She is currently a stay at home Mom and real estate investor. Carrie is excited for a new challenge of moving into the 50K ultra scene after many years of Marathoning.


5k: 17:04

Half Marathon:1:24

Marathon: 2:56

50K: 4:58


Courtney Camden

Courtney was born and raised in Colorado where she played competitive soccer at Azusa Pacific University. It wasn’t until her collegiate soccer career ended with her second ACL tear in 2 years that she discovered her passion for running. During grad school, she fell in love with the marathon distance, which is her primary training focus right now. She is coached by Phillip Buckley.


Marathon: 2:56

Half: 2:21

5k: 17:12


Lauren Bruns

Lauren began running in high school at the suggestion of the cheerleading coach (the rhythm and coordination of cheer wasn't a strong skill set). She’s been running ever since and completed her first marathon in 2010. After finishing pediatrics residency in 2017, she’s been able to refocus on running more competitively and is excited to train with a group of talented women. She is coached by Phillip Buckley. 

Lauren lives in Denver. She works as a newborn hospitalist at Denver Health and UCH at Anschutz. 

Marathon: 3:00

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